About Us

Gray Shadow Financial was launched in 2011 by Scot Braun, the company’s founder who currently serves as Managing Principal of the Consulting group. Mr. Braun, a certified public accountant with an MBA degree from Duke University, has over twenty years of experience in the financial services sector and has held executive corporate positions including Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Chief investment Officer. In addition to forming the Consulting group, he also launched the CPA Services group which offers a paperless, internet-based suite of accounting, reporting, and tax services.

Our company’s name was chosen to reflect our partnership with you, the client. We will be your silent partner to provide a robust suite of financial and consulting services for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. For more information, visit our Services page.

Guiding Principles


We work with you, the client, to determine exactly what your needs and expectations are.


All services are provided in a timely, efficient manner, according to established timelines, so that you can plan accordingly.


This virtue may be described as a principle of consistent actions, values, methods, expectations, and outcomes.

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